TRASH TALK takes a lighthearted look at recycling in Hong Kong with host Marcy Trent Long. Listen to discover trash tips and tricks.

Produced in partnership with Plastic Free Seas and the 123 Show on RTHK3.


Episode 1: large home appliances

3 September 2018

Kicking off the first episode of a new Green Monday feature series called Trash Talk, Marcy Trent Long tells us about the just-opened electronic waste recycling facility in Hong Kong.  She discusses how to recycle and reuse large home appliances with Nigel Mattravers, the general director of ALBA.   

Episode 2: Computers

10 September 2018

Following last week’s episode of Trash Talk on electronic waste recycling, Marcy Trent Long chats again with Nigel Mattravers from ALBA, as well as introducing Damon Wong from Caritas Workshop to chat about how Hong Kong people can recycle and donate their old computers.

Episode 3: Printer Cartridges

17 September 2018

This week on Trash Talk, Marcy Trent long speaks with Man Yip from Greeners Action about their printer cartridge recycling program.