Here you'll find our latest audio productions: the podcast series Eight Million, and the features for RTHK's 123 Show.

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A podcast series on China's role in tackling the ocean plastics challenge.


Introducing Eight Million

5 March 2018

Marcy invited Isabel Hilton of to introduce the series

Episode 1

The Global Plastic Problem

5 March 2018

Marcy speaks with campaigners and scientist to find out why plastic pollution is such a problem.

Episode 2

A Beautiful China

12 March 2018

Marcy finds out how policy is made in China, from the high echelons down to the local level.

Episode 3

Sorting Through China's Plastic Waste

26 March 2018

In January, China shocked the world by banning the import of unprocessed waste. In this episode, Marcy finds out why this decision was made, and how it will impact policy in East and West.

Episode 4

Closing The Loop: Plastic Recycling 101

16 April 2018

We need to rethink recycling. In this episode Marcy learns what is holding back global recycling efforts, and how we can make the process more effective.

Episode 5

Burning Questions

14 May 2018

China is building more waste-to-energy plants than the rest of the world together. Could this be a possible solution to the ongoing plastic pollution crisis? 



Sustainable Asia produces radio features for the 123 Show with Noreen Mir, reaching approximately 250,000 listeners. 

Guest: Lincoln Fok

11 December 2017

Marcy speaks with Dr. Lincoln Fok, about microplastics on Hong Kong beaches.

Guest: Annabat Martens

5 February 2018

Marcy speaks with Annabat Martens, who runs 7 Spice of Life, about zero-waste cooking.


Guest: Philippe Li

19 March 2018

Marcy speaks with Philippe Li of HK Recycles, about improving the way we recycle.

Guest: Maya De Souza & Vincent Kong

11 June 2018

Marcy discusses the energy efficiency calculator with Maya de Souza, from the Hong Kong Business Environment Council and Vincent Kong, who works for one of Hong Kong's major property developers.