Here you'll find our latest audio productions:
the podcast series 3 Billion,1986, Plasticity, Eight Million and Trash Talk.

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3 Billion

New podcast series with host Marcy Trent Long investigates seafood conservation in China, exploring the extensive networks that make it possible for a grouper from the Seychelles to end up in a restaurant’s fish tank in Hong Kong, and the damage this is doing to species and biodiversity.

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Podcast series 1986 interviewing Chinese and global ocean advocates to investigate the overfishing problem that is pushing Chinese fishing vessels into the South China Sea and beyond to find their catch.


The Plasticity Podcast

What needs to change for us to move away from a linear economy of produce, consume, discard?

Eight Million

A podcast series on China's role in tackling the ocean plastics challenge.



A feature series taking a light look at recycling in Hong Kong.