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 Eight Million Podcast Release

Produced by Sustainable Asia and its partners
China Dialogue and Aya Recording Studio, Spring 2018.

        Sustainable Asia recently released Eight Million, a five-part audio documentary about the 8,000,000 metric tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year - and how China's recent waste import ban is reshaping this global challenge. Eight Million explains the ins and outs of plastic waste in our everyday lives, and its relevance at both a local and global level. Jenna Jambeck, an environmental engineer who created the research that lead to the “eight million” statistic, expresses the podcast as an “excellent listen about why eight million metric tonnes of trash are going into the ocean every year.” China's waste ban, which forbids 24 types of plastic imports, will alter their own process of plastic disposal while forcing other countries to reevaluate their plastic use and revamp their environmental policies. This podcast brings to light the global destruction of the Earth’s resources and oceans due to plastics. Eight Million includes interviews from environmental experts such as Craig Leeson, director of A Plastic Ocean, who discusses alternative solutions in the fight against plastics, including better recycling collection and sorting, as well as waste-to-energy systems.

“The first solution in tackling plastic pollution is awareness. This podcast series effectively analyses how one of the most durable products ever made is affecting our health and destroying the environments we rely on for our very survival.”
– Craig Leeson, Film Director of A Plastic Ocean, Plastic Oceans Foundation

It is estimated that 40% of the plastic waste pouring into our oceans is coming from just five countries in Asia. The rippling effects of China’s unexpected waste ban have sent countries around the world into panic mode, as many relied heavily on China for waste management and few have the infrastructure to properly dispose of it themselves. Eight Million draws over 40% of its listeners from Asia, a market displaying growing interest in more sustainable lifestyles and solutions to the lethal effects of our “convenience-driven lifestyle,” which have finally caught up to us. However, this issue is not limited only to Asia; countries spanning all degrees of economic strength can no longer redirect their waste to China. 

"China's role in the issue is critical … But there are hopeful signs that stricter environmental regulation by Beijing will have a positive impact on ocean plastics. I should say that my interest in the subject was piqued by Sustainable Asia's terrific podcast"
– Jill Baker, Forbes

Eight Million can be accessed through iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and all other podcast platforms. 
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