Make Chinese New Year more meaningful - reduce and reuse! 利用回收及循環再用,令農曆新年過得更有意義!


It's holiday season all over Asia, but aside from family time, gifts and plenty of food, it's also primetime for plastic and food waste! Here are a few tips to reduce our waste pile this year:


1. Recycle your red packets | 利是封回收及循環再用

Reuse red packets from last year, and save the good ones for next year. Or check out these collection boxes from local environmental organisations.


2. Try not to buy new red packets | 放棄購買新利是封

As there are always shops giving away red packets with any purchase, try not to buy new ones. If you are running short, stick to ones with recycled paper, and a simple design; no lamination or self-adhesives, as those are especially hard to recycle. 


3. Always recycle the New Year decoration | 新年裝飾循環再用

Nowadays, most of the decoration, such as red banners and bunting, are made of long-lasting material, such as plastics, fabric, or felt. Try to recycle them, you'll see they'll easily last you 10 years!


4. Avoid gift wrapping | 放棄包禮物

The packaging design of that chocolate or candy box you bought is already very nice! Instead of wrapping that again, we can save a lot of giftwrap, ribbons, and adhesive tape! 


5. Donate your leftovers | 惜食食物捐贈

We usually create an excess amount of food during the festive season. You can always donate the leftovers to the food bank in HK instead of throwing them away. Here are some charities in HK that accept food donations to support the underprivileged.


With these five tips in mind we can start making Chinese New Year a little less taxing on our planet. Happy Year of the Dog!


Annabat Martens