Episode 1:

China’s trade in exotic marine species

1 August 2019

In Hong Kong, seafood is an integral part of both cuisine and culture. The region’s trade in fish products was worth US$3 billion last year. Rare and exotic species are highly valued as signs of status, and the presence on the banquet table of delicacies such as shark fin and sea cucumber is often expected. But where does all this seafood come from? In this new podcast series, we explore the extensive networks that make it possible for a grouper from the Seychelles to end up in a restaurant’s fish tank in Hong Kong, and the damage this is doing to species and biodiversity. We look also at the efforts being made to promote a more sustainable approach, changing what’s on the menu in Hong Kong to save the animals in our seas from the ever-growing threat of extinction.


Stan Shea, Bloom Association

Dr. Yvonne Sadovy, University of Hong Kong

Gary Stokes, Oceans Asia