1986 Podcast Series

Groundbreaking new podcast series 1986 from Sustainable Asia interviews Chinese and global ocean advocates to investigate the overfishing problem that is pushing Chinese fishing vessels into the South China Sea and beyond to find their catch. Read the press release or listen to the podcast on Spotify, ITUNES, Chinadialogueocean.

Episode 1 of ‘1986’ explores the politics of overfishing in China. How is China dealing with overfishing and how does that impact global fishing on the high seas?

5 June 2019

Episode 2 of ‘1986’ explores the history of overfishing in China. Why is China facing a critical state of overfishing in its marine waters and what are they doing about it?

Episode 3 of ‘1986’ explores domestic aquaculture in China. Can China’s massive fish export industry be sustained under current overfishing conditions? The World Bank has predicted that in ten years, China will account for 38% of the world’s fish consumption.  How is China preparing for that?

Episode 4 of ‘1986’ explores a new type of mari-culture called “marine ranching” off the coasts of China. How is this program impacting ocean habitat and marine protected areas in China?