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Trash Talk

TRASH TALK takes a lighthearted look at recycling in Hong Kong. Listen to discover trash tips and tricks.

Produced in partnership with Plastic Free Seas and the 123 Show on RTHK3.

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A podcast series on China's role in tackling the ocean plastics challenge.

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About Sustainable Asia

Sustainable Asia partners with environmental journalists and thought leaders in Asia to produce engaging audio and disseminate their message to a wider audience. We choose topics that are on the critical path to making a sustainable Asia.

There is a global pivot to Asia on environmental issues. For so many years a region that has grown, developed, and polluted – now Asia is becoming a leader and innovator in tackling its own environmental problems. This region, challenged by scarce resources and high population density, holds the key to unlocking the secrets of sustainability.

Whether you work in business, non-profit, or academics, we invite you to become a part of the solution for a Sustainable Asia.


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